Programme EEHB2020 Conference

Wednesday, May 4th 2022      Benediktbeuern Monastery

8:30      Registration & Welcome Coffee (Allianzsaal)

9:30      Welcome Speech (Allianzsaal, Livestream at the Barocksaal)

Pater Lothar Bily, Monastery Benediktbeuern
Alexander Bonde, General Secretary of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU)
Norbert Göttler, Bezirk OBB 
Moderation: Gunnar Grün, Deputy Director Fraunhofer IBP

10:30    Keynotes (Allianzsaal, Livestram at the Barocksaal)

Andrew Potts, Coordinator, Climate Heritage Network Secretariat
“The Role of the Historic Built Environment in Transformative Climate Action:  Placing Energy Efficient Historic Buildings in the Climate Policy Context”
Christian Hanus, University for Continuing Education Krems
“Life cycle-based economic, ecological and energetic balancing of historic buildings under the influence of climate change”

Franziska Haas, President ICOMOS ISCES, EURAC Research
“Energy Efficiency and Heritage Protection, setting the scene in the context of current challenges and opportunities”

Moderation: Gunnar Grün, Deputy Director Fraunhofer IBP

12:00     Lunch (Klosterbräustüberl)

13:30     Afternoon Sessions (Session 4 – Session 5)

Session 4     From 3D to Simulation (Allianzsaal)

13:40     Fusion of laser scanning and photogrammetry data for efficient energy                                    simulation, Dubois; Vanhellemont; Desarnaud; de Bouw

14:00     An integrated approach for energy retrofit of built heritage through
                  Building Information Modelling (BIM), Thravalou; Alexandrou; Artopoulos

14:20     Hygrothermal building simulation from a 3D point cloud – the Edo-
                 Wiemken- Monument in Jever, Feldmann; Bichlmair; Kilian

14:40     Practical applications of urban climate simulations on the district
                  and building level, Winkler; Stadler

Session 5     Climate Action and Legislation (Barocksaal)

13:40     Does age matter? Energy use and energy performance in the Swedish        
                  residential building stock, Donarelli; Broström

14:00     The Carbon Value of UKs Historic Housing Stock, Ritson

14:20     Consultancy for energy renovation of historic buildings in the Alpine
                  regions, Haas; Exner; Haat

14:40     A sustainable balance? Legal aspect of energy efficiency and cultural values,                       Geijer

15:15      Coffee Break (Allianzsaal and Barocksaal)

15:30     Afternoon Sessions (Session 6 – Session 7)

Session 6     From 3D to Simulation (Allianzsaal)

15:45     Link Historic Buildings to Cloud with Internet of Things and Digital Twins,
                  Zhongjun Ni; Yu Liu; Magnus Karlsson; Shaofang Gong

16:05     Studying the thermal behaviour of traditional flat roofs in the
                  Mediterranean using remote and in situ sensing technologies
                  – an innovative  approach, Cassar; Azzopardi; Galdies

16:25     Hygrothermal and Energy Building Simulation of the Alte Schäfflerei at
                 Benediktbeuern, Winkler; Kohnert; Kilian

16:45     Future energy performance and overheating risks in retrofitted historic
                 buildings, Hao; Herrera-Avellanosa; Troi

Session 7     Climate Action and Legislation; Policies and Decision Making (Barocksaal)

15:45     Action within the Flemish Climate Fund to reduce CO2 emission of
                 protected buildings in Flanders, Vernimme; de Bouw; Dubois; Vanhellemont

16:05    Retrofit plan for energy performance improvement of masonry historic
                 buildings. On campus: cultural heritage building cases,
                Hyun Mi Cho; Hyeonseong Yuk; Sungwoong Yang; Jihee Nam

16:25     Low carbon heritage: residents’ views from Cumbria and the English Lake 
                 District World Heritage Site, Wise; Moncaster; Jones; Dewberry

16:45    Using Life Cycle Assessment to calculate carbon savings from the retention
                 and retrofit of historic buildings, Cox; Duffy; Nerguti

17: 30     End

19:00     Dinner at the Klosterbräustüberl

21:00     Social Event EEHB2022 at Alte Schäfflerei

Thursday, May 5th 2022      Benediktbeuern Monastery

9:00      Morning Sessions (Session 8 – Session 9)

Session 8     Building – Components and Construction (Allianzsaal)

9:20        Damage-free energetic window renovation in old and listed buildings,
                  Bichlmair; Krus; Stiegler; Milch

9:40        Energy retrofit of historic windows in South Tyrol: solutions and tools from
                   the ERDF-project PlanFenster, Exner; Zeitler; Troi

10:00     Traditional and innovative materials and solutions to improve the energy
                   efficiency of historic windows: A literature review, Mauri; Pracchi

Session 9     Policies and Decision Making; Standards, Laws and Labels (Barocksaal)

9:20        A way forward to balance building conservation with energy conservation in
                  heritage designated building stocks in Sweden, Eriksson

9:40        Investigating stakeholders’ opinion on energy retrofit of historic buildings,
                  grasping their needs and experiences. An overview on the use of Retrofit
                  Guidelines and decisional tools, Buda

10:00      Historic buildings and energy efficiency in New Zealand: a theoretical
                   study of a holistic refurbishment of a 1930s heritage building windows,

10:30     Coffee Break (Allianzsaal and Barocksaal)

11:00      Morning Sessions (Session 10 – Session 11)

Session 10     Building – Components and Construction (Allianzsaal)

11:00     Internal insulation – a decision tool based on probabilistic simulations,
                 de Place Hansen; ; Møller; Tijskens

11:20     Comparative investigation of different interior insulation systems applied in the 
                 “Alte Schäfflerei” and their evaluation, Krus; Bichlmair; Kilian

11:40     Transparent internal wall insulation – Design and evaluation,
                 Bichlmair; Krus; Kilian

12:00     Monitoring of moisture content in solid masonry walls, a comparison between
                 direct sampling and the use of wooden proxies,
                  Panico; Herrera-Avellanosa; Troi

Session 11     Standards, Laws and Labels; 20th Century Challenges (Barocksaal)

11:00     Launching an experimental label on both energy retrofitting and heritage
                 preservation: early lessons, Heberle

11:20     Improving the (energy) performance of (heritage) buildings
                  (EN 16883): sensing and acting within emerging contexts and
                  technologies, Brito

11:40    “Mechanization Takes Command”. Indoor Environmental control in 20th-
                  century Historic Buildings, Bonora; Fabbri; Favaretto; Pretelli

12:30     Lunch (Klosterbräustüberl)

14:00    Afternoon Sessions (Session 12 – Session 13)

Session 12     Building – Components and Construction (Allianzsaal)

14:10     Seismic Upgrade as an Opportunity for Energy Retrofitting Historic
                 Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in New Zealand, Besen; Boarin

14:30     Building stock categorization for energy retrofit of historic buildings:
                  A literature review, Biz Bejerano

Session 13     20th Century Challenges (Barocksaal)

14:10     Energy efficiency intervention in brutalist buildings: new challenges in
                  preservation of 20th century built heritage, Uranga; Azcona; Etxepare;                                      Lizundia; Sagarna

14:30     Balancing energy efficiency and conservation aspects of terragni’s casa del
                  fascio in como: thermal analysis, energy modelling and intervention
                  proposals, Mauri; Pracchi; Busnelli

15:00     Coffee Break (Allianzsaal and Barocksaal)

15:30     Wrap Up & Closing Ceremony; Announcement of the next EEHB 2024
                 (Allianzsaal, Livestream at the Barocksaal), Ralf Kilian

16:30     End of Conference

Download the draft programme here